Your post on inclusive design was extremely eye-opening and forced me to reconsider how certain design aspects may lead to exclusivity. For instance, your take on the possible exclusion of internet-based instruction was accurate, as we often overlook the cost barrier that this may present to specific students. As a result, I agree that creating a mixture of delivery methods for content is important. I also found your take on the barriers of self-directed learning to be very insightful. I agree that it’s essential to provide learners with the opportunity to employ their own cognitive processing strategies, but in a way that also supports those who may not be able to do so 100 per cent of the time.

I recently finished a class in econometrics, which includes a significant amount of coding work. While working through the content, I never considered how difficult it would be without the colour-coordinated commands. I believe most coding platforms include the option to adjust your coding colours and shading to make it visually suited for the individual. For instance, the option to make it grayscale, as you mentioned, would definitely help those with colour impairment engage without missing a step.